The Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 2 (New Printing)

This classic book defined the Spider-Man that the whole world knows these days.

The era defined by the incredible duo conformed by Stan Lee and John Romita, begins whit this master piece. They converted the web-slinger into the top title of Marvel whit excited stories, that blowout your mind and keep your eyes over each pages.

This classic book defined the Spider-Man that the whole world knows these days. From the revelation of the secret identity of the Green Goblin to the treasured entrance of Mary Jane Watson and even the epic combat against the Green Goblin all these unforgettable moments are the most important facts in the process of transformation of Peter Parker into the incredible Spider-Man.

This Omnibus beyond just reprinting contains many extra details. Each letters pages are reproduced which recaptures the pleasure of the Silver Age like nothing else actually can. Rereading these especial letters truly takes one back. Also, there are the standard pages of original and new art as well as the full color oil paintings from the Spectacular Spider-Man magazines. Other amazing detail is the reproduction the cover of the reprint book Marvel Tales.

All these especial work from the team of artist of Marvel, bring the unique result of “The Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 2”. The story is represented whit a festival of color and perfects lines showing the process of transition of Peter Parker from loser nerd to chick attraction as Gwen Stacey and Mary Jane Watson contend for his attention. Of course, the transition also involved the evolution of Spider-Man and his super powers.

You can not miss this no equal book!

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