Arrow: The Dark Archer

This comic book is about the unknown origin of Malcolm Merlyn, 'The Dark Archer'

This comic book is about the unknown origin of Malcolm Merlyn, ‘The Dark Archer’.

The story written by Barrowman and his sister Carole E. Barrowman is place between the third and fourth seasons of the TV series. And the principal theme in this book is that it reveals what Malcolm was up to previous to he became the “Dark Archer”, the nemesis to Oliver Queen near the beginning in the series. In the first chapter, Malcolm Merlyn retirement from his duty as Ra’s al Ghul to come back to his secret investigate team in South America, only to be met by a shape from his past who is out for revenge.

At the beginning of the book Malcolm Merlyn is chained by the wrists to the ground of a cave, a rough piece of something jutting from the middle of his blood loss heart. He is enclosed by a group of intricately carved pillars and the floor is doubtfully flat for a cave. The book shows later it was a sanctuary to the Gods, a sacrificial altar for people of a huge, but unstated civilization.

A shadowy figure is show off around, interrogating him about his name, in the meantime Merlyn is being the character he always is, making jokes and acting cold. The obscure figure seems to know Malcolm well and tells him he will never be found not even by his League of Assassins or Oliver Queen, “Green Arrow”. After a while the indistinguishable figure mentions that it is monsoon season, so whether he takes a fast death by blade or a slow death by drowning, he is going to die.

The intrigue and the mystery are the main subject in this comic book, but at the end of it you can know the true name of Malcolm Merlyn.

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