Batman: A Death in the Family

The followers of Batman decided for votes that Robin should die in this comic book.

The followers of Batman decided for votes that Robin should die in this comic book.

Jason Todd is the second person to play the role of Robin, and his personality is very different than the original Batman’s sidekick. Frequently Jason ignores the instructions of Batman he always acts quickly without think about the consequences. In this final and fatal moment, Robin ignores the warnings of his mentor when he tries to stop the Joker by himself and pays whit his life. Because the Robin’s death Batman is driven by anger and seeks his vengeance whit Superman by his side. Finally, Batman reaches his goal and the Joker disappears forever.

Created by Jim Starlin “A Death in the Family” count whit several interesting facts which made the story relevant in the comic books world.

In the first place the Robin death was decided for the readers. DC Comics and the editor of Batman were aware that the second Robin was not very popular and decided to interact with the readers by two telephone numbers or hotlines. In this way the fans voted and the future of Jason Todd was decided.

Other interesting fact consist in the Joker knows the real identity of Batman. Robin in a conversation whit his mother revealed the real identities while the Joker was closer. This part of the story suggests that the Joker knows the true Batman’s identity.

As consequences of Robin’s death Batman show his violent side. In this story the angry of Batman is in maximum level. He treats the villains whit extreme violent more than usual, even hits to Superman.

This comic book also presents contemporary social and political issues. This story presents theme such the Arab / Israeli conflict, Lebanese Civil War, the Ethiopia famine, corruption and rogue states.

All this aspects of “A Death in the Family” have allowed to this comic book to remain as a relevant milestone in American comics.

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