The Flash, Vol. 1: Move Forward (The New 52)

Hit by a thunderbolt of lightning and doused in chemicals, Barry Allen was transformed into The Flash, the fastest man in the world.

Hit by a thunderbolt of lightning and doused in chemicals, Barry Allen a scientist of Central City Police, was transformed into the fastest man in the world. Taking advantage of the energy field called The Speed Force, Allen applies a firm sense of justice to serve and protect the world as The Flash.

The fastest man on the earth backs to his own monthly series as part of the “DC Comics the New 52” event. This comic book series was created by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. In “Move Forward” Manapul and Buccellato present a doctor Allen as a person a little square, a little nerdy but how loves his new powers and also loves to learn about them, this version of Barry Allen his enthusiasm gets caught the readers. Each scene in this book is a visual feast. Manapul uses all that additional creative paneling, numerous outstanding visual cues and perspective shift to show a Flash and his entire world more alive for the fans.

In “Move Forward” The Flash must recognize he can not be everywhere at once, especially when he meet the super villain called Mob Rule, who really can be everywhere at once.

The Flash faces several conflicts, an old friend of Allen back persecuted by an army of clones called Mob Rule. Mob Rule expands a wave of crime across Central City, including an electromagnetic blast that submerge the city into a total darkness. The Flash learns the only way he can stop and capture Mob Rule is to learn how to make his brain operate even faster considering millions of options in seconds, but as much as it help him it also is dangerous.

As a surprise twist the readers learns that Allen is responsible for the blackout due to inadvertent time travel; “Moved Forward” is a book that must to be read carefully.