Superman: Lois and Clark

This comic book story presents a new family, a new world and a new present for Lois and Clark.

This comic book story presents a new family, a new world and a new present for Lois and Clark. In this case the author is Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks is the artist illustrator.

The Convergence had finished, and Superman, Lois and their son Jon were left to live in a new world. This new world is under attack by Darkseid. The Justice League was created to resist the invasion, and even with their best efforts, Darkseid would not back down. The day was only saved when Cyborg, using the own resources of Darkseid against him, inverted the bang tubes that led the forces of Darkseid to Earth and threw them back to Apokolips. The older, more realized Superman watched the combat in the distance. He was a few moments away from helping them until Cyborg acted in the last moment.

Superman has seen the whole thing he needs to see, so he flies back home and hardly evades being seen by an Air Force fighter. He returns to his new home, an old house where Lois and Jon have taken refuge. The young mother and her little son were listening to the news about the fight in the radio. Superman remarks on how different this new world is from their own world and Lois replies they are together and that is the important.

Now, they have to live as different people. Clark notes the citizens of the new world do not trust their Superman, and they will not trust him either. Instead, they will become accustomed to the new world as a family. In parallel Lois and Clark can not avoid try to save the world of the new enemies, and they act helping every time they can. Meanwhile, Jon grows.

But can Lois and Clark maintain this world from pain the same fate as their own? Can this Superman stop the enemies he fought on his own world before they are created on our world? What is Intergang? And what will happen when their nine-year-old son knows the real identities of his parents?